FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Stripper party tips

  1. Try to plan your bachelorette, bachelor, birthday, divorce, retirement party, etc as soon in advance as possible. We specialize in last minute shows, however the sooner the better in booking your next event. When a customer calls on a Friday or Saturday night requesting a stripper at the last minute, its typical for any agency to send out whoever is available at that time.
  2. Let all of your guests know about the party in advance. Our entertainers work very hard to insure that your party is a memorable one. The strippers work on tips, so keep in mind if every guest brings about $20 to $50 dollars in tipping money, everyone will have a great time and you will be able to go thru all of the party games and dances that the dancer has planned for your event.
  3. When booking your show, be sure to look over the photos of the dancers and then let the booker know you top three requests for the dancer you would like to entertain for your next event. Now keep in mind, we strive to get you one of the dancers that you chose, however we do have more dancers that will not allow us to post their photos since they also either are models under contract, or they work professional jobs in the day and do not want their part time work as an entertainer exposed on the internet. Be aware of other agencies that say on the phone that they guarantee you the dancer in the photo. Most of the companies out there do not update their websites and just send whoever is available to do the party. If we are unable to get one of the three dancers you request, we are very honest and upfront that we will use your choices as a guide in us selecting a dancer that would most resemble your choices in case of a situation arising of that sort.
  4. Please provide ample room for your party guests and the dancer to entertain. Our dancers do not entertain outdoors, since our shows are of adult nature, we can not take any risks or liabilites of any under age neighbors or other people accidentally viewinng any part of our shows. Also, for the female entertainers, they will need a room set aside for them to get dressed and keep their things stored during the show. Most of the male entertainers show up in their costume and are ready to start the show.
  5. If your event is being planned at a club, bar or restaurant, be sure you have notified them that you are having an adult entertainer come to your party. Some establishments will not allow such an event, so its good to find out in advance. Lots of clubs or restaurants have a private room or party room you could arrange to have rented to hold your party. The last thing you want to happen is that your entertainer shows up and collects the show fee, and then when they go to set up or enter the establishment, the management comes up and says we will not allow this party to take place with a stripper.
  6. As far as photography or videotaping the event, please check with your entertainer when they arrive. Each dancer has various policies on this so check with them upon their arrival. Most female dancers do now allow any photos or videotaping during the event.
  7. Try to have lots of change on hand for tipping, if however you did not get a chance to get change, our male dancers, or drivers for female dancers will gladly make change for your before, or during the event.
  8. The old rule, the bigger the bill, the bigger the thrill....when tipping, if you are placing higher amount bills, they the dancer will make that particular dance or event more on the wild side.
  9. Tips are fuel for the party, so the more you tip the more involved your entertainer will be. Most of the dancers will stay past the one hour time frame if everyone is still tipping, depending on the dancer's schedule for that evening.
  10. JUST HAVE FUN!!!